Chasing the Light

Meet Daisy. Daisy is a retriever. She thinks she's a hunter. Her favorite prey...light.

Daisy chases after laser pointers and flashlights and random blinking lights. And this time of year, the morning sun shines through the sliding glass window in my kitchen and glances off the face of my watch. The Magic Light. This is her favorite thing in the world.

While I'm assembling school lunches and my three kids are making their breakfasts, I have an 80-pound yellow lab dogging my steps. Pun intended. She frantically searches the floor around me for a glimpse of the Magic Light. And when she sees it, she pounces, nips at it, and follows wherever it leads.

In the morning, Daisy won't leave my side because she knows I'm the source of the Magic Light.

She drives me bonkers. But she makes me think.

I have a Source of light in my life too. Do I crave the Light of the World above all else? Do I stick close to Jesus' side, dogging His steps, searching for glimpses of His light, pouncing on it, and following wherever His Light leads me? I want to stay as close to my Master as Daisy does to me.

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