Lessons from the 1940s - Let Boys Be Boys

My two sons' favorite TV show is "Mythbusters." Why do they like it? The scientific investigation of urban legends? Sure. The quirky characters and offbeat humor? Yep. But the primary reason..."They blow things up!"

I don't get this. I'm a girl. Explosions don't appeal to me, and all I can think about is those poor people on the other boat. This poster does nothing for me. But my boys...oh yeah! It speaks their language.

Look at the messages of this poster: If you join the submarine service, you'll:
1) See action! Now!
2) You can be a hero in perilous situations.
3) You can blow things up!

Nowadays, our culture fears anything like this. It breeds violence. It isn't sensitive. It's too...masculine.

But we can't change the basic nature of men - nor should we. When the masculine interest in action and danger isn't properly directed, men have committed the worst horrors humanity in history. But men directed by morals and virtue perform acts of heroism, bravery, and chivalry. These are the men who entered the Twin Towers and rescued countless people from death. These are the men who defended our country not only in World War II, but in many other wars.

As a mother, my job isn't to quench my sons' interest in action and danger and explosions - as if I could. After all, when my youngest was a toddler, he took a bite out of a slice of American cheese, pointed the L-shaped remnant at his sister, and said, "Bang!" Rather, my job is to teach them the compassion, integrity, and faith to train those masculine energies for honorable purposes.

How can you let your boy be a boy - without blowing up the neighborhood?

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