Seeing Red

Yesterday morning an SUV ran the stop sign in front of the elementary school and flipped off the crossing-guard. I came home to dirty socks on the family room floor—socks I told the kids at least a dozen times to pick up. After reading the front page of the newspaper, I needed the funny pages. Our dog chewed up the funny pages.

Life throws us many reasons to get angry every day. And we do get angry. Anger is a natural emotion God gave us to fight injustice and wrong. What a relief to know God doesn't consider anger a sin.

But oh boy, can we sin in our anger! When anger comes from a prideful sense of entitlement or whenever we fail to control this powerful emotion, great harm can come. Psalm 4:4 tells us, "In your anger do not sin."

So, how do we do that? In all honesty, I'm still working on it myself. I'm a people-pleaser who doesn't like conflict - so I stuff anger, but then I explode at trivial things. Ick. When that heat rises, I'm trying to teach myself to take a moment and pray.

1) Why am I angry? Is this righteous anger or just selfish annoyance that I didn't get my way?
2) Is there an issue that needs to be addressed, or do I just need to let it go?
3) If an issue needs to be addressed, how can I do so while showing respect and mercy for the other person?

Then pray for wisdom and strength to do the right thing.

How do you handle anger in your life?

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