Pharmacy in World War II

As a pharmacist and a World War II buff, naturally I'm interested in how pharmacy was practiced during the war. Last week I was a guest blogger on Jordyn's Medical Edge, a blog which provides medical facts for fiction writers, with a three-part series about pharmacy in World War II.

The first post covered the general practice of pharmacy - some basic facts about the profession at the time, and education and licensing. I also looked at how the wartime manpower shortage affected the profession, and how shortages and rationing affected both the drugstore and compounding.

The second post was a virtual tour of the local drugstore--first in 1939 before the war, then in 1943 to see how the war affected this cornerstone of American life.

In the third post I researched a little mystery that plagued me while researching the military health care system for my novels. I read about physicians, nurses, dentists, veterinarians...but where were the pharmacists? Here is what I learned. As a pharmacist, I have to admit, I was steamed.
Pharmacists have always served a quiet role in the health care system, but a necessary one. Hug a pharmacist today!

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