Medications in World War II

Last week I was a guest blogger on Redwood's Medical Edge, a wonderful blog on medical topics for writers, posting a three-part series on medications in World War II.

In Part 1, I discussed general principles of medication use in the 1940s - generic/brand names, dosage forms, administration, and measurements - all very different than in 2011! Medications in World War II - Part 1

In Part 2, I described which medications were used to treat various illnesses - pain and fever; cough, cold, and allergy; gastrointestinal; endocrine and metabolic; dermatologic; respiratory; cardiovascular; and psychiatric. Medications in World War II - Part 2

Part 3 covered the new class of drugs that saved countless thousands of lives during the war - antibiotics. Medications in World War II - Part 3

All of this made me very thankful for the breadth and depth of medications available today!

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