Book Beat - The Dawn of a Dream

Betrayed, humiliated, and abandoned, Luellen O'Connell reaches for all she has left - a forgotten dream.

In The Dawn of a Dream, Ann Shorey takes the familiar story of a young frontier woman who wants to become a teacher and gives it a twist. Several twists actually. As Luellen fights to earn her teaching certificate from one of the few schools that admits women, she meets challenge after challenge. A gentle romance with her brother's friend further challenges her dream.

Luellen faces challenges familiar to modern women. Her dream clashes with the needs of her family. Her romance clashes with her dream. Her good sense clashes with her feelings for the wrong man.

The Dawn of a Dream is a touching story with an intriguing heroine and interesting plot twists. Nothing is easy for Luellen, but she forges ahead. This is the final book in the At Home in Beldon Grove series, but it stands alone. This was my favorite book in the series, and I highly recommend it.

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