New Book Series Title!

It's official! My publisher, Revell, notified me this week that the title for my next series will be Wings of the Nightingale - for the first time, a title I actually came up with! The first novel in the series is officially titled With Every Letter, and the titles for the other two books will be determined later.

In Wings of the Nightingale, three World War II flight nurses pioneer medical air evacuation in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, and southern France. Danger, deprivation, and tragedy cause them to grow in friendship, while romance awakens them to adventures of the heart and soul.

With Every Letter is now complete and waiting for its first edit at Revell. It's scheduled to release Fall 2012. Shy Mellie Blake has never fit in anywhere, but if she doesn't learn to make friends, her position in the new 802nd Medical Air Evacuation Transport Squadron will be jeopardized. Through a morale program, she enters an anonymous pen pal relationship with an Army engineer. Lt. Tom MacGilliver, who serves with the 908th Engineer Aviation Battalion, must always be sunny to overcome the legacy of his namesake father, and he relishes the chance to be his true self in anonymity. In North Africa and Sicily, Tom builds airfields under Nazi fire, while Mellie and the other nurses struggle to be allowed to conduct air evacuation. But what will happen if their paths cross? Will Tom be put off by Mellie's unconventional looks, or will she be repelled by his name? Can their relationship ever move beyond paper?

I'm starting work now on To Every Shore (working title), which is scheduled to release Summer 2013. Lt. Georgie Taylor loves her job as a flight nurse, but the goals of pharmacist Sgt. John "Hutch" Hutchinson are frustrated at every turn. As Georgie and Hutch care for American soldiers in Sicily and Italy, tragedy brings them together. But will their differences keep them apart?

With Every Beat  (working title) is scheduled for Summer 2014. Flight nurse Lt. Kay Jobson collects hearts wherever she flies, but C-47 pilot Lt. Roger Cooper is immune to her charms. Throughout Italy and southern France, as she evacuates the wounded and he delivers paratroopers and supplies, every beat of their hearts draws them where they don't want to go.

The next step...the cover for With Every Letter! Considering the gorgeous work Revell did for the Wings of Glory series, I can't wait to see what they do for Wings of the Nightingale!

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