Book Beat - The Return of Miss Blueberry

While we all believe people can change, sometimes it's hard to believe real people can really change.

In The Return of Miss Blueberry by Rachael Phillips, Callie Creighton quits her high-powered Chicago job to return to her hometown of Plymouth, Indiana. The last person she wants to see is Jason Kenton. In high school, Jason was gorgeous, manipulative, and strung girls along - including Callie,her best friend Andrea, and her cousin Brandy. Jason has changed - but how to convince Callie?

The Return of Miss Blueberry bubbles over with Rachael Phillips's signature humor. Callie and Jason are engaging and realistic characters who make you think about how people change, how hard it is for others to accept those changes - and how easy it is to lose that acceptance. The combination of humor and a strong spiritual lesson make Miss Blueberry a winner.

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