Book Beat - The Letters by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Rose Shrock is in over her head. Her husband died under mysterious circumstances, leaving her with a financial scandal, a huge debt, a grumpy mother-in-law, and a houseful of children. Determined to make the best of things, Rose turns the family home into the Inn at Eagle Hill.

Meanwhile in Philadelphia, Delia Stoltz gets a double dose of bad news - she has breast cancer, and her neurosurgeon husband is leaving her for another woman. In need of escape, Delia ends up in Amish country at the Inn at Eagle Hill.

The lives of Rose and Delia, the Shrock family, and their friends in Stony Ridge intertwine and enrich each other in a delightful way.

Suzanne Woods Fisher has done it again with a touching story filled with fascinating and deep and funny characters (I adore young Mim!) The setting has the right amount of pastoral peace you'd expect in an Amish novel, but the real-life problems and sometimes-difficult personalities keep the sweet from ever getting saccharine. The Letters is a fabulous start to Suzanne's new series!

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